SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar

Spirit Vinegar is widely used as a natural acidifier in recipes and sauces. It’s the most common form of vinegar and also the most affordable. There are also several little-known uses for this type of vinegar which you can learn more about in our HOW TO section.

To make spirit vinegar, harvested sugar cane is converted into molasses, which is then fermented and distilled into high strength alcohol (96,4%). That alcohol is diluted and added to a mash before being converted to spirit vinegar in acetators.

SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar is:

  • Naturally Fermented
  • Contains no Added Sulphites which allows our vinegar to claim Preservative Free. This is ideal for those concerned about preservatives in their food and those suffering from allergies and asthma who are sensitive to sulphites
  • Perfect for Cooking & Cleaning

Spirit vinegar.

SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar



Clean Kitchen Scissors

Clean kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors are used to cut all kinds of things! Give them a good clean by opening them up as wide as possible and carefully wiping the blades with SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar before drying.

Freshen Sponges

Freshen sponges

Before long, bacteria can start to breed on your cleaning sponges, so you need to disinfect them! Put the sponge in a dish (with just enough water to cover it) and add ¼ cup of SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar. Soak overnight, and your sponge will be clean and smell like new in the morning.

Dishwasher Clean

Even dishwashers deserve a clean

Pour a cup or two of SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher and run a cycle to safely deep clean your dishwasher. It removes hard water, odours and leaves the inside shining. Remember, only do this every few months, as using vinegar too often will eat away at the seals. Using it correctly will preserve the performance and effectiveness of the dishwasher and does no harm to seals.