SAFARI® White Grape Vinegar

Grape vinegar has a wonderful flavour and aroma for cooking. It’s the preferred choice for preparing biltong, sauces and marinades as well as being commonly used by food manufacturers who want to add to the flavour profile of their product.

Grape vinegar is produced using distilled wine or wine spirit which carries a lot of the natural flavour and aroma through to the final vinegar product. Being unrefined, Grape vinegar contains potassium and magnesium as well as various trace elements, which are essential for good health.

SAFARI® White Grape Vinegar is:

  • Naturally Fermented
  • Contains no added sulphites which allows our vinegar to claim Preservative Free. This is ideal for those concerned about preservatives in their food and those suffering from allergies and asthma who are sensitive to sulphites)
  • Perfect for Salads & Marinades

Grape vinegar.

SAFARI® White Grape Vinegar



Disinfect Fruit and Veggies

Disinfect your fruits and veggies

A simple SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar solution is perfect for washing fruits and veggies. The vinegar will dissolve any wax on the fruits and also remove pesticide residue. Be sure to rinse with warm water afterward.

Refresh wilted veggies

Revive your wilted leafy greens by tossing them in cold water and a little bit of SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar.

Boil Eggs

Boil eggs

When boiling eggs, be sure to add a tablespoon of SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar. It will help ensure that the shells don't crack, and it will also make them easy to peel once they're cooked.

Help Make Cheese Last Longer

Help make cheese last longer

Prevent cheese from becoming dried out by wrapping it in a SAFARI® White Spirit Vinegar-soaked cloth. It will also help prevent mould from growing on the surface.