SAFARI® Rice Vinegar

As a cooking ingredient, rice vinegar is mainly used in Asian cuisine. Rice vinegar can be added to hot and cold recipes and can enhance the natural flavour of basic meat and vegetables dishes.

Rice vinegar, also referred to as rice wine vinegar, is made by fermenting the sugars in rice into alcohol first and then into acid. Compared to white distilled vinegar, rice vinegar is less acidic with a delicate, mild, and somewhat sweeter taste.

SAFARI® Rice Vinegar is:

  • Naturally Fermented
  • Perfect for Sushi & Stir-fry

Rice vinegar, preservative (sulphur dioxide).

SAFARI® Rice Vinegar



How to with Safari Vinegar

Cut through grease

Vinegar can help you cut through grease when washing dishes. Mix 2 tablespoons of Safari white vinegar in a sink full of hot water and liquid dish soap to cut through that stubborn grease.
Whiter Teeth

Whiter teeth and better breath

To help keep those pearly whites shining bright, brush with a solution of equal parts Safari white vinegar and water once a week. You can also use the solution as a mouthwash. This will help whiten your teeth and kill any bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath.

Disinfect Fruit and Veggies

Disinfect your fruits and veggies

A simple vinegar solution is perfect for washing fruits and veggies. The vinegar will dissolve any wax on the fruits and also remove pesticide residue. Be sure to rinse with warm water afterward.